TNT won by 33 tickets against FE!

The Noobs Tribe (TNT) vs Fierce Eagles (FE). 3 rounds domination match…1st on Operation Locker, 2nd On Dawnbreaker and 3rd on Siege Of Shanghai. 1st round on Op. Locker won by FE with 20 tickets and 2nd round on Dawnbreaker won by TNT with 53 tickets. 3rd round couldn’t be held because FE surrendered so basically TNT won by 53-20=33 Tickets.

TNT won by 33 tickets against FE!

P.s. FE was so called the biggest and oldest premium gaming clan but TNT nooblets completely pwned them even though 3 of the players playing in their team weren’t their own players as they were from another platoon. But as always when we noobs unite we give every clan a very though time so that they remember that match for life. I don’t recommend any one to join that platoon nor to have a clan match with them as their clan is literally dead and few of them are continuously trying to revive the platoon but in vain and they are so unprofessional and have immature players that they post fake news and results because they couldn’t believe that we have actually defeated them. Another issue with them was their punctuality. They will keep postponing the match and on the match day they come 2 hours late than the decided time and there are a lot of issues with that platoon which can’t be mentioned in this post.

In short: Currently FE is run by bunch of retarded clowns :/

Check out the¬†match’s video below