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      1) ”Spam” is not allowed on the forums. If you want to make a post on a topic, please make a valid contribution to the conversation. Posts deemed as “spam” are subject to removal at the discretion of the forum moderation team.

      2) Racism/Sexism/Homophobia is not tolerated in any form. Anyone caught making posts or replies for the purpose to degrade another race, person’s creed, nationality, gender or sexual preference will be immediately removed from the forum. The person which posted the message is also subject to disciplinary action, up to removal from The Noobs Tribe Forums. (Mature/Debate section is not a part of this rule)

      3) Use of profanity or pornographic material will not be tolerated in forum posts.. Posts that are deemed “vulgar” or “lewd” in any way are subject to removal by the forum moderation team.

      4) No “flaming” allowed in the forums. We are not children so please do not act as such by making a post with the intent to belittle or harass another person. “Flame” posts are not tolerated and will be removed by the moderation team.

      5) No bumping or double posting. If it is important, it will be pinned

      6) Topic titles or posts must not be written entirely in capitals.

      7) Use proper sentences while creating a topic or commenting on a post. Forums are for specific and detailed discussions.

      8) Do not post topics on politics or religion in any section of the forums. They will be deleted. There are other avenues to discuss such things.

      9) Proper “English” no other languages or words allowed in thread or posts.

      10) Signature – try to keep 1 image or max 3 links in signature.

      Happy Gaming.

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